We all need a rest

This is one of those weeks which I knew I was getting myself into when I applied to be a Reader in Training for the Church of Scotland. I have an assignment due in by the end of this week (only 500 words and, in a rare moment of organisation and good time management, I …

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Advent 16: Matthew 2:1-12

Herod is one of those well known, almost pantomime style, villains of our childhood stories. The evil king who tries to trick the wise men into revealing where Jesus has been born so he can... well, the Nativity plays rarely expand on what he intended on doing. He was thwarted by an angelic dream, however, …

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Advent 10: Matthew 1:22-23 Isaiah 7:10-15 John 1:14

There are religious wars, religious terrorists, religious extremists in government and religious bigotry in this world you can see why people don't feel they need religion. They're right, too. We don't need religion. Religion is a man made construct. Religion is a set of constrictive rules which reflect the values of those who made them. …

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