December ADVENTure

Earlier this year I did a Bible study throughout Lent and blogged my thoughts about every day's readings. I found it incredibly valuable and amazing that, on so many occasions, the readings were so pertinent to the events of the day. So, starting on Monday I'll be doing an Advent Bible study and writing my …

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Lent Day 2: Matthew 4-7

So, Jesus ministry begins. What's the first thing he does? Miracles and wonders? No. Preaching in the Temple? No. Rises up against the Roman oppressors? No. He goes into the wilderness, on his own, for 40 days. He puts his own discipline to the test to ensure he is strong enough to face the troubles …

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Messages from an Evolution believing Christian to Creationists.

Today, a post on Buzzfeed with 22 messages from creationists to those who believe the theory of Evolution to be correct appeared a lot on my Facebook and Twitter feeds. They were full of the usual things you expect to see, "Are you scared of a divine creator?" "How do you explain a sunset if …

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