It’s time to end the War on Easter

I am disgusted!

I was reading something the other day which was, apparently about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but it had clearly given in to the militant leftie atheist agenda, which is determined to airbrush Christianity out of our society. It was a slap in the face to all right thinking Christians. At no point in this whole thing did it mention the word Easter!

The offending article was… the Bible!

Obviously I am demonstrating the lowest form of wit here. It’s as a tired and careworn response to the current story that the National Trust and Cadbury have renamed their Easter Egg Hunt as the “Cadbury’s Egg Hunt”. The Prime Minister has got herself involved by calling the renaming “utterly ridiculous” while the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, has accused Cadbury’s of “spitting on the grave” of the company’s Christian founder, John Cadbury (a descendant has since said that, as a Quaker, John Cadbury didn’t celebrate Easter).

Now, far be it from me to dispute two such eminent authorities, but let me draw your attention to two things. Firstly, below is the Cadbury’s website advertising the egg hunt. See if you can tell which word sticks out.

Yes, the word Easter is very prominently displayed almost dead centre of the page. “Enjoy Easter fun”. It’s as clear as you can get it.

There is no airbrushing, no war on Easter, and no grave spitting here.

Secondly, and most pertinently, before the renaming of the event from the “Easter Egg Hunt” how big was the focus of the event on Christ’s death and resurrection? Was it central to everything, calling on those present to repent and turn to God, laying their sins at the foot of the cross? Or, as I suspect, was the focus mainly on trying to find as many chocolate eggs as possible?

You see, the name doesn’t matter. This is simply a seasonal event designed to give families a good time (and Type 2 diabetes) whilst raising the already considerable profiles of Cadbury’s and the National Trust. This is not a religious event, it has no tie to Christ or the Church, so let them call it whatever they want to and let everyone have the good day out they are looking for.

And, while we’re at it, the same goes for this.

These companies have sold chocolate eggs for decades, literally decades, without the word Easter on them. Who cares? This is simply a bit of crowd baiting by an Australian right-wing group who care more about vilifying secularists and Muslims than they do about what multi-national corporations call their chocolate eggs.

Eggs, and the word Easter, are not what the Church season is about. They are a part of old pagan rituals subsumed by the Christian Church (which is equally ok, in my eyes. I wrote about that here) and have nothing to do with the reason millions of Christians around the world view it as the most important of festivals. To start some sort of moral outrage (as many did regarding the “Winterval Myth“) is, in the PM’s own words, utterly ridiculous.

Holy Week is about the events surrounding Jesus allowing his sacrifice for the forgiveness of all. It’s about undeserved, outrageous grace. It’s about how we can find ourselves becoming the people we were made to be, not the people the world has mounded us into. It’s about saving us from ourselves.

 It’s about the ultimate act of love.

It is not, never has been and never will be about eggs, chocolate, bunnies, chicks, the word “Easter”, confectioners, politicians or moral outrage.

So how about all of us who believe in Jesus, and who have accepted that forgiveness we received on that first Holy Week, stop squabbling over the tiniest of things? How about we stop making ourselves look like petty idiots? How about we stop worrying about fictional wars on Christianity when we live in a place where we’re free to practice and share our faith? 

And how about we share in that ultimate love, that outrageous grace? With everyone.


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