Advent 13: Psalm 150


There’s an amazing amount of disagreement within the Church about the little things. Not least among these things is the music used for worship. The music is always too old, too new, too loud, too quiet, too archaic in its language, too repetitive, too boring, too upbeat, too full of guitars, too reliant on the organ…

Here’s the thing; when it comes to worship music, we are not the audience, we are the performers. The audience is just one; God.

It really doesn’t matter what style of music we sing or what instruments we use. When the psalmist talks about praising God with the harp, lyre, tambourine, cymbals, strings and pipes he is saying to praise God with whatever you have. You may not like the song, you may wish it was more modern or more traditional, but as long as you are singing it in a spirit of praise and worship that is all that matters. You are singing to God and, as long as you are singing with the right heart, he doesn’t care what the music is.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. However they are able to do so at the time.


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