Advent 7: Exodus 25


Sometimes, if you’re a customer of a large multinational company, you feel totally unimportant. It just seems that they are so large that you are just a number, a tiny part of a gigantic profit margin. Of course, this is the case. These companies really have very little loyalty towards individual customers as there are always loads more where you came from.

It’s not like going to a local business where the staff and owners know your name, what you like to buy and genuinely feel that you are an important part of their ongoing success. And it’s not just because they need you, but they actually care about you as a person, about the little details and not just the bottom line.

It’s tempting to see God in the same way as one of those large multinationals; a being so vast, capable of creating the whole universe, that he can’t possibly be interested in us as individuals and the tiny details of our lives.

However, the opposite is true. Just look at the instructions for the Ark of the covenant in this chapter. It is so detailed, right down to the tiniest part. These instructions go on for five chapters, taking in everything from the pattern on the cloth to the clothes worn by the priests.

God is in the detail.

And it’s why he came to Earth himself on that first Christmas. He is God, if he wanted to save us all he could have done it in any one of many ways from his seat in Heaven. However, he wanted to be involved, hands on, intimately engaged with the lives of people. And he still does today. He really cares about each one of us and each detail of our lives. He wants to know us, to be involved in our day to day lives, to help and guide us. He just needs us to let him.


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