Advent 6: Acts 20:35 & 1 John 4:10

We live in the ultimate age of greed and self. People don’t want their “hard earned taxes” going to scroungers or migrants. The idea of helping those in need is fine, as long as they’re the right type of people. We often hear,

“I don’t want my taxes spent on…”

They are destroying my way of life”

“We spend too much on welfare and international aid.”

And, at the same time, we live in the ultimate consumerist age. You must be seen with the right phone, telly, bag, shoes, car and, if Black Friday is anything to go by, are prepared to fight for them. Physically.

So, to hear about helping those in need from Jesus jars with the spirit of the age. To hear that it is better to give than receive sounds like the type of thing one of these “lefties” who are “destroying our once great country” would say.

But here’s the thing, he knows what he’s talking about. He carried out the ultimate act of giving. He sacrificed his life in an unimaginably violent and painful way for us. Because he loves us. And because to give this gift, this sacrifice, to save us from our own selfish desires, is the ultimate act of love and joy.

It really is better to give than receive. Take it from the one who knows better than anyone.


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