Advent 3: Luke 2:1-20


It seems Jesus has a very particular effect on people. The first time they meet him they just want to go out and tell others about him. Some find it easy, I’ve heard loads of stories of people I know who became evangelists from day one, and some find it hard. Pretty much everyone has that same reaction, though.

That includes the shepherds. We think of them cowering in fear at the angels, running to the stable, presenting the baby with a lamb and looking at him in awe. What they actually did was to run out and tell anyone and everyone about him. They wanted to share, needed to share, the good news.

It’s a natural reaction, but it’s easy to fight amongst the cynical modern times. I need to just give in to it and I know that many others feel the same. Drop the inhibitions and worries and just talk about the best news ever.

I’ll try.


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