How not to win an election


It takes some doing to have an MP elected to the House of Commons from outside the main three parties, especially in England. So when a party gets its first MP elected it is a matter of congratulations.

To position your policies outside of the centre-right ground, despite that being the accepted ingredient for success over the last 35 years, and to start seeing electoral gains is amazing.

To actually challenge the historic position of the Lib Dems in opinion polls from virtually nowhere takes some doing.

To gain popularity despite being totally outside the established elite is impressive. After all, those social and professional connections usually required to get the necessary financial and PR backing is missing.

To speak to an increasing number of people and see a dramatic upsurge in membership, despite having next to no attention given to you by the mainstream media speaks volumes for how your policies resonate with so many ordinary voters.

So, a belated congratulations to the Green Party for gaining their first MP, Caroline Lucas, at the last General Election. To almost no fanfare, coverage, discussion as to how it happened or over the top media love-in whatsoever.

In other news, I see UKIP finally have an MP now after a disproportionate amount of mainstream media coverage, almost omnipresence of Nigel Farage, millions if pounds worth of donations by well connected ex-Tory backers and getting a Conservative MP to defect and defend his seat. I mean, it wasn’t so much won as handed to them on a plate, but we’ll done anyway, UKIP. You needed help from the Westminster elite you claim not to be a part of to get there, but you did it.


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