How do you lose?


How do you react to political defeat?

Do you accept the result with good grace? Do you congratulate the victors and ensure that you work as hard as you can to make your country better? Do you look at how well you have run your campaign, how close you came to victory and how you increased support for your cause dramatically in a short space of time with a degree of satisfaction? Do you look at how you can use your momentum to continue to win hearts and minds to your cause by reasoned arguments, building a stronger, more concrete case as you do so?


Do you attack those who you were unable to convince as “cowards”? Do you look for as many scapegoats as you can, boycotting businesses and services, labelling them as “traitors” and biased? Do you look at the worst elements of your political opponents and attach their actions to everyone you disagree with? Do you come up with wild, unfounded conspiracy theories about vote rigging and demand another go? Do you refuse to interact with those who didn’t vote or campaign with your point of view and risk the subsequent divisions holding your country back for years to come? Do you throw your toys out of the pram, risking the good work you’ve done to this point? Do you turn your back on solid,, reasoned argument and replace it with bitter recrimination?

Well? What’s it to be?


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