A buffoon until proven guilty

Good old Boris! The funny, mad haired buffoon who is currently Mayor of London has won the hearts of voters everywhere with his funny tales of whiff-whaff, getting hilariously stuck on a zip wire and cameo appearances on Have I Got News For You. What a character! Of course, what people rarely talk about is …

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The ignorance of illness

When someone famous dies it always causes a wave of public comment. When someone takes their own life it always causes a lack of belief or comprehension of how someone could do such a thing by those who fail to understand mental illness. So when someone famous takes their own life those comments of ignorance …

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Two open letters about Scotland’s independence referendum

Dear Better Together, If we get a Yes vote we will not all fall into a deep economic precipice. Businesses will find it far too expensive to relocate all of their Scottish offices and fork out millions in redundancy pay. Alex Salmond will not necessarily rule for eternity. People's pensions will still exist. We will …

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