A prayer for today


What is wrong with us?

You get on a plane in Amsterdam and find yourself blasted out of the sky by people fighting over artificial borders due to artificially created nationalities which have nothing to do with you.

What is wrong with us?

Groups of people whose only real difference is how they choose to worship God can’t live alongside each other and can’t even live in close proximity to each other without chucking rockets at each other and killing hundreds of innocent people.

What is wrong with us?

Arguments over who should run countries become so violent that torture, starvation, rape and murder become a way of life. Men, women and children are treated with unfathomable brutality simply because of their home town, name or political thought.

What is wrong with us?

We treat the vulnerable, disabled, poor and stranger with derision and suspicion. We think they’re taking from us and that it’s no longer our priority to help them.

What is wrong with us?

Rather than seriously look for solutions, our leaders search for blame, recriminations, excuses, scapegoats and some sort of advantage. They play games and inject complications into situations which require simple humanity.

What is wrong with us?

The rich and big business are protected in ways that normal people can only dream of, yet we continue to let them get away with it.

What is wrong with us?

More people know and care about the private lives of people who are famous for nothing than know about the man-made suffering throughout the world.

What is wrong with us?

Lord, forgive us!

Help us choose love over hate.

Life over death.

Good over evil.

Compassion over selfishness.

Action over apathy.

Humanity over inhumanity.

Reconciliation over division.

Compromise over conflict.

Your grace over our arrogance.

Help us.

Guide us.

Heal us.

Forgive us.

Your children are crying out. Please hear us.



2 thoughts on “A prayer for today

  1. Shayne Sim

    A fundamental truth is that a chain is as only as strong as it’s weakest link. In the same regard a society is only as effluentor as successful as its most destitute citizen.

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