A short open letter to people of all religious persuasions.


If you are an adherent to one of the World’s major religions I have one simple request.

Please stop killing people.

Especially in the name of your religion.

I don’t care whether a person or group of people have insulted your God or major prophet.

Please stop killing people.

I’m sorry if people of your religion are being persecuted, tortured or murdered in countries around the world. It’s a truly awful thing to happen and we need to stop it. Reacting in kind, however, just makes things worse. So…

Please stop killing people.

I know some of you live in very complicated situations. Many historical arguments over land, particularly holy land, have led to animosity, hatred and extreme conflict. Do you know what may be a good first step to solving these situations?

Please stop killing people.

I know you may be incredibly zealous about your faith. You cannot understand why there are people who don’t share your beliefs or values. You are frustrated that some see openly hostile to your religion. You feel compelled to do something about it. But, if you want to win hearts and minds…

Please stop killing people.

You may feel that your way of life is under attack by people with extremist views, determined to force their ways on everyone else through violence. They recruit followers by looking at how you treat the adherents of their religion around the world, saying they are the true victims and building sympathy from normally reasonable people. Guess what may help there?

Please stop killing people.

I don’t care if you are a Christian, Jews,  Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Zoroastrian, Taoist, Satanist or any other-ist. I don’t care how literally you interpret your holy book. I don’t care how much you hate the beliefs of people of other religions. I don’t care what anger, hurt, text, argument, disagreement, injustice, historical claim, war crime or wrongdoing you use to justify your acts. It is so much easier not to kill someone than it is to kill someone. I’m not killing someone right now. I haven’t killed anyone all day, or year, or for my whole life. It’s easy.

I have faith in God. I see text in the Bible about people killing in God’s name. I see Christians being persecuted worldwide. I don’t,  however, kill people.

So please, I beg you, in the name of whatever God or gods you pray to.






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