Stand up to ridicule

I actually don't like being the centre of attention. I feel really self conscious when everyone is looking at me or listening to me. I always assume that everyone is looking or listening and rolling their eyes at me being a total idiot (yes, slight self-esteem issues). If I receive compliments then I don't know …

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Shout for peace

The children of Gaza I Channel 4 News A question. How many of you pay tax in a Western country, especially the UK or USA? How many of you care enough about where those tax pounds or dollars or euros go that it sways your vote? Or it sways you opinion on subjects like welfare, …

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A short open letter to people of all religious persuasions.

If you are an adherent to one of the World's major religions I have one simple request. Please stop killing people. Especially in the name of your religion. I don't care whether a person or group of people have insulted your God or major prophet. Please stop killing people. I'm sorry if people of your …

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