I love pancakes!

Quite why we need an excuse to eat them is beyond me. I mean, not only do I still have plenty of eggs, flour and oil left in the house (therefore meaning I’ve totally missed the traditional point of Shrove Tuesday), but I actually made them from a ready made mix. I’m not actually clearing out all the good stuff in preparation for the 40 day fast of Lent. I may as well be commemorating the martyrdom of St Pancake.

I am preparing, though. Preparing for a 40 day long Bible study (not including the Sundays) which I’ll be blogging my reflections on every day.

It’s a little daunting, as well as exciting. Daunting because, well, what if I can’t find anything to write about? God’s word is rich in meaning, but my mind is pretty limited. Also, what if I do come up with something, but it’s pointless, banal tripe (like this post is in danger of becoming!)?

Excited too, though. I have 40 days of immersing myself in the life of Jesus. 40 days of discovering how His teachings speak to me and everyone else. Then 40 days to reflect on it and share it with anyone who can be bothered to read it.

I can’t wait.

See you tomorrow.


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