A tale of hypocrisy

People are being told not to wear crosses at work! This is a disgrace! I mean, all other jewellery is banned at the same workplaces, but this is a chilling erosion of our Christian heritage. It doesn’t matter that there is absolutely no obligation to wear one for Christians, we must listen to those in the Church calling for us all to have the right to wear small pieces of metal.

People are being disciplined at work for refusing to offer services to homosexual couples. Religious freedoms are being overridden by the gay mafia! It’s a step too far. I don’t care if those being disciplined have had other disciplinary problems at work. I don’t care that they have chosen a profession which, by definition, would see them helping gay couples. I don’t care that my idea of freedom is being allowed to let my prejudices curtail the freedom of others. We must listen to those in the Church who say that homosexuality is an abomination and that they want to treat gay relationships as second class.

People are being duped into consciously living a life on benefits. They scrounge whatever they can because the last government cruelly allowed them to fall into this existence of dependence on the state. We must get them off of this as quickly as possible. So, it turns out that more people need food banks now, that’s only because they’re squandering money elsewhere. So, people are struggling to pay the rent because we’ve reduced their housing benefit because they need an extra room in their house due to their disability, we have declared war on a broken benefits system. We must listen to those in the Church who…


A load of clergy have said that WE are responsible for increasing poverty? They say that the welfare system needs reforming, but we’re doing it wrong?!

Well, it just goes to show what we’ve always said. The Church is out of touch with the times. These people are nothing but a bunch of raving lefties! I bet some of them only signed that letter out of peer pressure. I’m sure all those who didn’t agree with us, anyway.

We must listen to the Church!

Unless, of course, they agree with us.


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