Messages from an Evolution believing Christian to Creationists.

Today, a post on Buzzfeed with 22 messages from creationists to those who believe the theory of Evolution to be correct appeared a lot on my Facebook and Twitter feeds.

They were full of the usual things you expect to see,

“Are you scared of a divine creator?”

“How do you explain a sunset if their (sic) is no God?”

“If we come from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?”

along with several which asked questions about scientific principles I have nowhere near enough knowledge to converse about.

Now, I have no issue with the theory of Evolution. It appears to be a plausible, logical, evidence based explanation for the proliferation of life on Earth. This post got me thinking of some questions of my own, so here they are.

Why are creationists so scared of Evolution? Is your faith so weak that something which challenges a literal interpretation of Genesis could make it fall apart?

Why take everything so literally anyway? Do you do that with every story in the Bible? Really? Every? Single? One? Is it not possible that, like the parables of Jesus, the Creation story is simply an allegory told to explain a complicated concept to those without the knowledge to grasp it any other way?

Yes, it is.

Does this mean that Evolution could be a perfectly valid explanation, even from a Biblical perspective?

Yes, it does.

Would Evolution being correct automatically mean that there is no God and that He didn’t create everything?

No, of course it wouldn’t!

Ok then, if we don’t come from monkeys, why are we so closely genetically related? And what is the problem if we are? Does the idea that we are a highly evolved ape, given the ability to create, love, hurt, laugh, cry, appreciate beauty not make you feel like a special part of God’s creation? It does for me.

If God is the Creator, why do you think He stopped creating after just seven days? Why would He do that? Surely the ultimate creator won’t stop after a week! He’ll keep on creating, and creating, and creating, letting His creations free to become whatever their potential will allow them to become. He’ll keep moulding, changing, perfecting every last one of them. Read the Bible, He’s been doing it with the Human race for thousands of years.

And please don’t tell me that His creation doesn’t need perfecting because the Creator is perfect. What is His greatest creation?


Are we perfect?

Ummmm… definitely not!

So, if we, His greatest, most prized and loved creation, aren’t perfect then why would we imagine everything else is? Part of the joy in creating anything is changing it, perfecting it, then letting it go and seeing what others do with it. God adores joy, so surely he would do what is joyful.

I believe God created the Heavens, the Earth and every living creature in them. I believe He lit the spark which started the big bang and watched as His creation expanded at the most astonishing speeds. I believe that He set the laws which enabled dust and rocks to clump together to form the Earth over millions of years. I believe He created life at its simplistic level, building it up and up and up, forming long since extinct creatures and plants, moulding them into life forms we see today. I believe He put His divine Spirit into humans, loved us, taught us, grieved over us, laughed with us, chastised us, fretted over us, hoped for us. I believe that He came to us as a person and taught us a better way to live and love. He died for us, taking the punishment for everything we have ever or will ever do on Himself. He came back to life, went back to the Heavens and will come back. I believe He is still creating, because He is a creator. The Creator.

Don’t you think that’s amazing?

And do you really not know how a sunset works?!


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