Uncomfortably Slow

"Travelling again I know exactly how it's gonna end The routine day dream starts as I get off I'm holding up the queue Because my ticket won't go through I know it should be simple but it's not So don't take my photograph Cos I don't wanna know how it looks To feel like this …

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A tale of hypocrisy

People are being told not to wear crosses at work! This is a disgrace! I mean, all other jewellery is banned at the same workplaces, but this is a chilling erosion of our Christian heritage. It doesn't matter that there is absolutely no obligation to wear one for Christians, we must listen to those in …

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Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?

In February 2013 the second series of Charlie Brooker's excellent dystopic, technology based series, Black Mirror, kicked off with the story Be Right Back. In it, a young woman called Martha (Hayley Atwell), whose boyfriend, Ash (Domhnall Gleeson) has recently died, finds out about a new technology designed to help people reconnect with deceased loved …

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