A modern interpretation of Matthew 25:31-46


Then, the King said,

“I was hungry and you told me that it was my own fault for being lazy and believing that I was entitled to help from hard working families and that I’d probably spent all of my money on alcohol, cigarettes and drugs anyway.

I was thirsty and you assumed that I was desperate for gin or vodka, rather than water.

I was naked and you said that I would have more chance of a job if I took more care of my personal appearance, even though I wore all I could afford.

I was poor and you told me I was a scrounger who just wanted to sponge off the state and put stories about me on the tv and newspapers, despite knowing nothing about my circumstances.

I was sick and you denied me any help, told me to go back to work and assumed I was faking illness in order to scrounge.

I was in prison and you demanded that the key was thrown away and that I was kept away from all respectable, law-abiding members of society because I was a bad person who could never change.

I was a stranger and you ran, scared of me, told me to go home, that your country was full and that I was only there to steal your money, possessions and jobs.

For I tell you, whenever you did this for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you did it to me”


19 thoughts on “A modern interpretation of Matthew 25:31-46

  1. BikinBuddha

    43yrs. of labor… 50yrs. of depression, social impotence, impotent, stress, chronic homelessness and employers who told me how great a worker I am, but couldn’t pay me more than a dollar above than minimum wage, as they had the American dream… And when I wasn’t alone, depressed, hungry, living under a tree… I was so grateful to have a job so I could buy my boloney, white bread and a gallon of milk, save to get a SRO (Single Room Occupent) With a lock on the door…Guess what/ ” I PRAISED MY CREATOR for being me… ‘The least of you, the last who shall be first.’
    I AM a child of GOD, And I Don’t need to forgive anyone, I LOVE you ALL.
    And thank you all for the 9900$ per yr. and the help with the rent…
    And the medical care, that got me the pills, to help with the depression…
    and the 99$ (sorry, there was a cut… 93$) to buy food… after the bills are paid; I have 94$ walking around money, I walk to get toilet paper and laundry powder and the food that the 93$ doesn’t cover… I really do like black beans and rice, add some chicken fat, it’s a holiday…Thank you all.
    I praise Jesus for the friendships… THANK YOU GOD 4 my life…

  2. A take from the other side:
    I was hungry and you told me to rely on the Government for food stamps. I went to St. Vincent DePaul’s and the Christians fed me.
    I was thirsty and you told me to get a drink from the public water supply. I was personally handed a water bottle by Scottsdale Bible Church at the downtown park
    I was naked and you told me to cash in my EBT for cheap clothes from Target. I went to Neighborhood Ministries and they clothed me.
    I was a stranger and you told me to register for government housing. I went to Habitat for Humanity and they provided me shelter.
    I was sick and you told me to go online for my ACA subsidy. I went to Neighborhood Clinic, they treated me and took me to Good Samaritan, St. Joe’s or any number of hospitals founded by Christians.
    I was pregnant and you told me to have an abortion, I went to Christian Family Care Agency and they paid for my baby to be born and adopted to loving parents.

    My sense is that you wrote the piece as a slam to Christians, or at least conservatives for lacking involvement and compassion when they object to abuses in the system and government waste. The reality is that Matthew 25 is addressed to Christians as to how they are to care and love others in order to bring glory to God. It is not a right or left issue; it is a personal involvement issue. My criticism of the left is that they establish wasteful government programs with other peoples money and consider that their commitment and compassion for others.

    1. As long as their is an argument about sides…..this hatred will continue. This says nothing about sides, it speaks about life….no matter what country, what law was established. Life is not moeny nor possessions..it is a journey. i would say, work on thyself to be a better soul, rather than point out faults in others. There are no sides, except in one’s own heart.

    2. solodm

      Pacificfern, That chip on your shoulder is unwarranted I believe. What I read in this piece, was asking those who claim Christianity as their faith, but actually treat people as is written here: ” Why do you say you are Christian, when you do not follow the teachings of your Christ?”

      Missions, churches, synagogues, and mosques ALL help the needy, but all together they cannot in their wildest dreams, begin to help all the poor in this country. There are too many, and more are becoming so everyday, largely in thanks to Congressional austerity policy, and no passage of Jobs, Immigration, Living wage, or equal pay bills. If you are angry, call your Representatives, and tell them to get off their asses and help their constituents.

  3. ed

    Well now Mr. Pearcy. Can I assume this to be an admonition of some kind? A restatement of the “King’s” pointing a metaphorical finger at the unidentified “you”. Who exactly is “you”? Can I assume there is an action step somewhere and if so, what do you propose the action step might be? I would ask that, if there is a plan in mind, it could at least be sustainable.
    On first reading I am inclined to suggest you might as well profoundly posit that the snow is white, the sky is blue, war is bad and there is evil in the world. Perhaps you could intimate what your point is.
    Must now go back to making a positive difference in as many people’s lives as possible. Random acts of kindness. Assistance for those deserving folks we all know and care for. Eating the metaphorical less-fortunate elephant “one bite at a time”. Wherever in the world said elephant may reside. Now that’s at least a plan I can accept.

    Delighted as always. Peace and love. Ed

    1. This isn’t an admonition, just a plea for people to put aside their prejudices about those less fortunate. I would not make the assumption that I do not view action and making a real difference in people’s lives important just because I didn’t mention it here.
      I’m not trying to put forward an action plan. I’m not doing anything except venting frustration at the demonisation of the poor by the British media and politicians which is being accepted by so many in our country. If we can see past the sound bites and sensationalist headlines we may have a chance of moving forward.

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